Getting Featured on Apps Gone Free

TracKit recently got featured on AppAdvice’s Apps Gone Free. While I knew that this means a nice bump in downloads, I had no idea what numbers to expect.

After the initial launch a year and a half ago, TracKit downloads settled down to a consistent 5 to 10 downloads per day. The day TracKit got featured, I got 8,622 downloads. Apps Gone Free features apps for only one day, but it still created enough exposure for the app to get downloaded 3,032 times the second day, then it dropped significantly during the rest of the week, but still maintaining a higher-than-average number of daily downloads.

Screen Shot 2015-05-17 at 12.59.29 PM

Overall, TracKit got around 12.5k downloads as a result of being featured on Apps Gone Free. While it won’t make your app jump into the top charts, it sure gives a nice, appreciated boost.

Depending on your type of app, you have to either make it free or make the IAPs it offers free to get featured on Apps Gone Free, which means no change on revenue, on the short term at least.

Thanks Apps Gone Free.