Hi! I’m Hesham. I’m an iOS engineer based in Cairo, Egypt. I write mostly about iOS development, and occasionally about cars and other random thoughts that cross my mind.

I’m currently squashing bugs at Instabug and mentoring iOS students at CareerFoundry. Previously, I have worked at Sarmady, Startappz and Zoboon. Also, I have cofounded Grapes ‘n’ Berries then quit it. I also coauthored the Become an iOS Developer with Swift course at CareerFoundry.

I’ve started writing code when I was 12 years old. My first lines of code were in Visual Basic 6 and I immediately got fascinated by the ability to create something from just a few lines of code that I started skipping school classes to go to the computer lab. I then taught myself PHP and MySQL, and built a number of websites (a few of them are still online, and I sincerely hope you don’t find them). One of them was a ringtones website (don’t judge me, I was 14 and ringtones were cool at that time!). It started with a few static pages and quickly evolved into a full custom-built CMS. I then moved on to start a small reseller web hosting business which I ran for a couple of years then sold to a bigger hosting company (with around 40 customers at that time).

I started to gain interest in mobile apps by the time the first iOS SDK was released. I couldn’t afford to get neither a Mac nor an iPhone, so I began to play around with Android instead. After graduation I worked with the BlackBerry SDK for a little less than a year (and hated it!), then finally made the shift to iOS.


I’ve been developing for iOS since 2010. Here are some of my most recent apps.

Focus List

Open-source work