Making the Best Out of a Reorg

A reorganization, or reorg, is a change in the structure of an organization. Reorgs typically happen in response to changes in the market or the competitive landscape. They can be stressful and disruptive, but they are also a common occurrence in many companies. Here are some tips on how to make the best out of a reorg.

  1. Get to know your new network. Reorganizations often lead to changes in management and team structure, which can make it feel like starting over from scratch in terms of building relationships and social capital. Make an effort to get to know your new team members and managers. Not only will this make your day-to-day interactions with them easier and more natural, but these relationships will also impact your career growth in the long term.
  2. Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back. It’s common to feel like an imposter when working with a new team, but it’s important to remember that your previous successes were due to your domain expertise and repeated success. These are things that you can replicate in a new team by building knowledge in new domains and giving yourself time to demonstrate repeated success.
  3. Be open to new managers. It’s important to be open to new managers, even if you don’t know them well or if you’re not sure how they’ll manage you. Get to know them and be willing to learn from them. Help shape the relationship with your new manager by reflecting on what worked and what didn’t work with previous managers.
  4. Accept what you cannot change. Reorgs aren’t personal; they are a response to shifting business priorities that you cannot influence. Reframe this change as an opportunity and focus on what you can influence.

In conclusion, reorgs can be a time of great uncertainty, but you should be making a deliberate effort to position yourself for success in your new role.