Free Mentorship for iOS Developers

tl;dr: I’m donating 30 hours of iOS development mentorship to anyone who’s starting to learn Swift or wanting to advance their skills. More details at Swift Mentor

5 months ago, I quit my full time job and started focusing all my time on 2 projects: my iOS app, TracKit, and Swift Mentor. While there have been several ups and downs during those 5 months and the world almost came to an end, I’m very happy to share that May was the first month that income from TracKit and Swift Mentor has covered my personal expenses.

To mark this occasion, I’d like to give back to the iOS development community (which I’ve loved being part of for the past 10 years!) by donating 30 hours¹ of free iOS mentorship through Swift Mentor.

If you are learning iOS development, want to level up your skills or want to discuss your career as a developer in general, book a free call with me. You can also use this to work on a specific issue you’re having, or a certain topic you’d like to understand better.

I’ve been mentoring iOS students for more than 4 years (previously with CareerFoundry), and through it I got to know and work with an amazing and very diverse group of people, which has been really fun, so I’m excited to expand this group even further!

Head over to to book a call.

1: 30 different individuals would be able to book a single 60-minute call.