5 Essential Apps for Every iOS Developer's Tool-belt

I believe the 5 apps below should be in every serious iOS developer’s tool-belt. They save a lot of time and frustration and help you produce apps with a higher quality. Some of them might be a bit pricy but, trust me, they are worth the investment.

Spark Inspector – $39.99

Debug your app’s interface in a three-dimensional view and change views properties at runtime. This has proven to be an amazing tool to debug complex UIs.


Kaleidoscope – $ 69.99

Kaleidoscope is a diffing tool on steroids. It compares differences between text, images or folder and lets you merge changes in seconds in an elegant way.


PaintCode – $99.99

PaintCode is a vector drawing app that generates Objective-C code in real time. Use the vector drawing tools to draw your UI components and PaintCode will generate the Objective-C drawing code. Great for writing reusable components.


Deploymate – $19.99

Before releasing your app, Deploymate will come in handy in helping you identify unavailable, deprecated and obsolete APIs in your code. Great to prevent embarrassing crashes from using APIs that aren’t available in your deployment target.


Tokens for Mac – $29

When you’re finally ready to release your app, Tokens for Mac is the easiest way to generate, share and track promo codes. It even makes the redemption easier for people you’re sending out the promo codes to.