No, your car doesn't have 10 air bags!

It has come to my attention that a lot of owners of Jettas, Octavias, Astras and other mid-range cars claim that their cars are equipped with 10 airbags. No, they are not. Let me clarify why. Most mid-range cars nowadays come with 6┬ástandard airbags, that’s 2 frontal-impact air bags, 2 side-impact airbags and 2 curtain airbags.

People mistakenly count the number of “SRS Airbag” labels spread throughout the car to know the number of airbags. Because curtain airbags cover the whole side of the car, they have to be deployed from 3 different spots, A, B and C-pillars, so they have 1 label on each pillar, but they are actually one airbag. So those 6 “SRS Airbag” labels on all 3 pillars on both sides are for just 2 airbags, not 6.