Cycling for Charity – 300 km Across Egypt

From the 28th to the 31st of December I will be cycling from Taba to Luxor as part of the Global Biking Initiative (GBI) which aims to gather bikers from all around the world to bike in support for charity.

What is GBI?

GBI started in 2007 with just 2 Vodafone employees from Germany that biked all the way to the UK. Each year the tour got bigger and bigger. By 2012, 365 bikers from around the world (including 47 from Egypt) biked from Oslo to Dusseldorf and raised 210,000 Euros for various charity causes. This year there are going to be 2 tours; the usual one in Europe and a local one in Egypt.

Charity Causes

Charity funds are raised before the tour starts. Each country raises money for a charity cause they choose. From 2009 till 2013, Egypt has raised a total of 775,000 EGP. Starting from 2011, the money raised goes to Alashanek Ya Balady NGO, with the goal of supporting 1,000 poor families. In 2013, the Egyptian team continues to work on the same cause.

The Route for GBI 2012

GBI Egypt starts at Taba and goes through Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Qena and ends in Luxor totalling 300 km over 4 days.

How Can I Help?

GBI is all about raising funds! Support us by donating to our cause. 100% of the raised funds will be given to Alashanek Ya Balady as all the operational costs of the GBI are covered by our sponsors. Help us make this world a better place – especially for the non-privileged of us!

To donate please transfer the desired amount to HSBC account number 019-107689-001 with the name Hesham Abd-Elmegid Mostafa and drop me and email at for confirmation.

More Info

Learn more about GBI at the official website:

Also below is a feature story covering one of the recent GBI trainings.

Don’t be serious, be sincere

Don’t just have career or academic goals. Set goals to give you a balanced, successful life. I use the word balanced before successful. Balanced means ensuring your health, relationships, mental peace are all in good order.

There is no point of getting a promotion on the day of your breakup. There is no fun in driving a car if your back hurts. Shopping is not enjoyable if your mind is full of tensions.

Life is one of those races in nursery school where you have to run with a marble in a spoon kept in your mouth. If the marble falls, there is no point coming first. Same is with life where health and relationships are the marble. Your striving is only worth it if there is harmony in your life. Else, you may achieve the success, but this spark, this feeling of being excited and alive, will start to die.

One thing about nurturing the spark – don’t take life seriously. Life is not meant to be taken seriously, as we are really temporary here. We are like a pre-paid card with limited validity. If we are lucky, we may last another 50 years. And 50 years is just 2,500 weekends. Do we really need to get so worked up?

It’s ok, bunk a few classes, scoring low in couple of papers, goof up a few interviews, take leave from work, enjoy with your friends, fall in love, little fights with your loved ones. We are people, not programmed devices.

By Chetan Bhagat, an Indian author.

How to enable backward/forward 3-finger swipes in Chrome

If you have a Synaptics multi-touch trackpad you would probably be wondering why the three-finger flick/swipe to go backward and forward isn’t working in Google Chrome. The fault isn’t from Google, it’s from Synaptics. Fortunately this can be easily fixed with a simple registry edit.

  1. From the start menu, type regedit and choose regedit.exe
  3. Export the registry keys by right clicking on Synaptics and choosing Export
  4. Open the exported registry key using a text editor and replace every instance of “Mozilla Firefox” with “Google Chome” and “firefox.exe” with “chrome.exe”
  5. Go back to the registry editor and choose File, Import and choose the file you just edited
  6. Restart you computer
  7. Voila! Three-finger swipes working perfectly

List of words Apple has added an i to

Well, I know this is totally pointless but I was trying to find a list of all words Apple has added an i to and I couldn’t find any, so I decided to compile a list of my own. Please help me by leaving a comment if you know of a product I missed.

  1. iAd
  2. iBook
  3. iBooks
  4. iCal
  5. iChat
  6. iCloud
  7. iDisk
  8. iDVD
  9. iLife
  10. iMac
  11. iMessage
  12. iMovie
  13. iOS
  14. iPad
  15. iPhone
  16. iPhoto
  17. iPod
  18. iReview
  19. iSight
  20. iSync
  21. iTools
  22. iTunes
  23. iWeb
  24. iWork