TracKit 1.0

I’ve shipped the first version of my new app, TracKit, today. It’s a little tool that I personally love to use.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Sep 11, 2013 10.27.39 PM

I  love tracking things, lots of things. I might even be guilty of overdoing it. I like to track the number of hours I sleep, how many kilometers I manage to get out of each tank of gas, the time I spend commuting and lots of other stuff. If at this point you think I’m weird then this app is definitely not for you.

The reason I track this kind of stuff is to be able to get a quick overview of how I’m doing at anytime, and try to optimise it. I built an iPad app a long time ago that I used for this purpose, but it was far from perfect, even for my own needs. So I never even thought about releasing it. A few weeks before WWDC when iOS 7 was announced, I was seriously considering building a new version which does the same thing with a few extra features. By the time iOS was first previewed I had already made up my mind and started building it as soon as I was able to download the new SDK after the keynote was finished.

The goal was simple. Build an app that would help me track all the crazy things I like to track, visualise my performance with a graph, and show me stats that would give me a quick overview about how I’m doing with what I’m tracking. And the result was TracKit.

I might be the only crazy person that likes to track things happening in their life, or their might be a lot of other people who also need this app. In either cases, I’ll keep building TracKit until I’m personally satisfied about it. So I have a lot of exciting features planned for the next few months. In the mean time, go get it from the App Store and let me know what you think.


  • The Laila Hassaballa

    Exciting! Can’t wait to download and use it! Great job!

  • kamasheto

    Dude I love this! I love the animation for adding entries and the business model is very subtle and just right for the app! I absolutely love your walkthrough as well!

    A couple of suggestions:

    1. The arrow indicator for pulling down to add entries sucks. Inspired by Foursquare’s approach, I was thinking something along the lines of a text that as soon as you pull shows (in light grey): “pull down more” and when you pull more it’ll say “just a little bit more” and with more it’ll say “almost there”, 7aga keda

    2. Have you experimented with the logo icons? I think if you play around with notorious options like the Google effect on logos (also on Pocket and Cropic’s icons) it would look nice(r). Otherwise the fade looks kinda out of place, maybe play around with less gradient?

    3. I know this could be a little troublesome, but the aggregate view on the home screen could do with some padding maybe (just the graph) and the little blobs you use for each point in the expanded view graph. Will give it the apps icon look and feel I suppose

    4. Maybe if I add an entry to the same date that already has an entry you could present an option to either add both (current behaviour) or choose max/min. I feel this could complicate the backend so perhaps in the case of choosing max or min you might want to remove the other entry and keep just the one. I haven’t thought in depth about this one

    5. At weird entries, like 100M, the graph drops the M off from the >= 100M coordinates on the y-axis. It doesn’t make sense to use these figures I understand, but it would be neat if you’d have the graph show the units I choose for the graph with an abbreviation of the scale, for example, km (x1M). Something along these lines

    6. Why does the top bar turn darker blue when the entry is being added? If this is intended to perfect the illusion of depth I think that bar darkens anyway, it makes sense if you keep the same shade of blue on that bar

    7. I feel like there should be some sort of indication there’s more trackers when the screen is full (>6 graphs) I know this will be very visible when the graphs are populated because the actual graph will be enough indication which will bring me to the next suggestion, but for that time when there’s no entries yet, I recommend flashing a scrollbar like what happens when you open the Settings app

    8. When there are >6 trackers, I think it would be nice to fade the bottom say 5% of the screen to give the Foursquare illusion of scrolling. It looks neat, give it a try

    Well done and congratulations for shipping! :-)

  • HeshamMegid

    That is some seriously awesome feedback! Thanks for taking the time to write it :)

    1. I had other plans for the pull down arrow, but I ended up running out of time. Should be replaced in the next release.

    2. We were trying to make the icon fit in with iOS 7 as much as possible. Problem is we didn’t have much to learn from other than the system icons. I’m still waiting to hear from other people about the icon.

    3. That’s a good idea.

    4. What were you tracking when you had that idea? Different types of tracker require slightly different scenarios, but I’m trying to make the app as context-agnostic as possible.

    5. I’m aware of that. Planning for less ways to break the app in the next release.

    6. I’ll have to experiment with that.

    7. The main screen looks weird when trackers have no entries. So I’m working on a fix for that too. Flashing the scroll indicators is also a nice addition.

    8. Not sure where that is on the Foursquare app. Can you share a screenshot?