View trip computer data during a phone call in a Fiat with Blue & Me

One of the annoyances of Fiats equipped with Blue & Me infotainment system is that during a phone call you can’t view the trip computer data. This is particularly annoying when you are having a long phone call and driving on a highway for example where you constantly need to check your trip computer (to monitor the distance you have traveled or maintain an average speed for example).

I kept tinkering with my car till I found a very simple solution for this:

  1. During a phone call, turn cruise control on. You don’t have to actually engage it, just rotate the stalk to turn it on.
  2. Turn it off again quickly.
  3. While the information screen is still saying “Cruise Control Off”, press the trip computer button.
  4. You now have full access to your trip computer data while you are having a phone call.
  5. Enjoy and promise me you are not going to buy another car that uses Microsoft software.