Stream audio from an Android phone to a Fiat equipped with Blue & Me via Bluetooth

If you have a Fiat equipped with a Blue & Me infotainment system you have probably tried to stream audio from your phone to the car. That’s not possible because Blue & Me doesn’t support A2DP, the protocol that enables audio to be streamed from one device to another (which is really stupid from Fiat and Microsoft since that could be enabled just by a software update).¬†Fortunately there’s a work around for Android phones, just follow these simple steps.

  1. First you will need to grab BTmono from Google Play
  2. Make sure your phone is connected to the car
  3. Turn BTmono on and start playing any audio file on your phone

Blue & Me will start playing the audio as if it’s a phone call and the multifunction screen on the dashboard will display “Private Number”. Unfortunately¬†the audio quality is really crappy, so it might not be good for playing music but at least it’s good enough for listening to audio books.


It’s a bit frustrating that “Private Number” will be stuck on your screen and you won’t be able to access any other functions. Fortunately, I found a solution for that. Turn on cruise control (just rotate the stalk, no need to engage it), then quickly turn it off again. While the screen is still saying “Cruise Control Off” press the trip button and the screen will get back to displaying trip data.

  • Ameya gundale

    on the blue and me drawback, do we have a similar work around for BB

  • HeshamMegid

    If there’s an app that forces the phone to play audio via Bluetooth like BTMono, then theoretically it should work fine Blue & Me. I don’t know if there are any BlackBerry apps that does this. You could try searching the App World.

  • Sajaan

    Thank you for this . Will try today.

  • Franki

    No way with Galaxy S3, playing music is not allowed in Phone call..

  • Hesham Abd-Elmegid

    The phone doesn’t know you are in a phone call, only Blue & Me thinks so.

    The idea is to stream any sounds the phone makes via connected bluetooth headset. So *theoretically* it should work with any phone.

  • Grzesiek Chyb

    and what If you’re streaming the audiobook and someone is calling?

  • Hesham Abd-Elmegid

    The audiobook will pause and the car audio will switch to phone automatically.

  • JakeGuajardo

    Anything similar for Iphone 5?

  • Marcia Montes Cantillo

    Here is a video for iphones :)