Recovering a deleted App Name in iTunes Connect

Some time ago Apple has introduced the ability to delete an app from your iTunes Connect account that you no longer need to use or manage. There’s only one thing that Apple doesn’t tell you when you are deleting an app: once it has been deleted, you can no longer use that App Name or SKU again in your iTunes Connect account or in any other iTunes Connect account, and there’s no way to restore the deleted app.

Many people (including myself) have created a new app and then realized that the Bundle Identifier needs to be changed. Since you can’t change the Bundle Identifier of an app once you have created it, the obvious thing to do is to delete the app and create it once again with the correct Bundle Identifier. While creating the new app of course you get the error message “The App Name you entered has already been used”. Contacting Apple Developer Support won’t help you a lot since you will end up with a canned response along these lines:

Please know that it is not possible to reuse a SKU or App Name in the same account again and you will not be able to restore your app once deleted.

Fortunately┬áthere’s one simple solution to this problem that apparently no one knows about. When creating the new app change the Default Language for entering its details (from English to UK English for instance), use the same App Name and iTunes Connect won’t object.

I don’t know if that’s the way Apple intended it to be or that’s a bug in iTunes Connect, but it just saved me from the disaster of losing my App Name forever.

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    Thankyou! I have one question… Like others, my English App name is now lost (currently using an incorrect alternative) while I secured the UK English and Canadian English names. Should I delete the English metadata so I only have UK and Canadian English with the correct names? I’m hoping that regular English users would still be able to find the app, and that it would just default to the other English options for them.

  • Hesham Abd-Elmegid

    As far as I know it wouldn’t make any difference if you keep or delete it. Users should be able to find your app regardless of their locale.

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    It gives me
    Enter the following information in English_UK.

  • Borres

    It gives me error
    Enter the following information in English_UK.

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    It doesn’t work from UK English to English, but it’ll work the other way round, or if you select Canadian English :)

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    Thanks for the tip but would you also be able to use the same Bundle ID Suffix? For example, I created an App named Bogus App Name and set the bundle ID suffix to com.BogusAppName. Something went wrong and I have to set it up again so I use the same app name. Can I also reuse com.BogusAppName if I set it to UK English as the default language?

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    I actually haven’t tried that before so I’m not sure. But anyway, having to change the bundle identifier isn’t a big deal. Having to change the app name is a big deal.

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    Hi pls help on this…. If I want to use the name of a deleted app from a different account, when it will be available? I mean will I get to use it immediately after it is deleted or is there any waiting ?

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