How to enable backward/forward 3-finger swipes in Chrome

If you have a¬†Synaptics multi-touch trackpad you would probably be wondering why the three-finger flick/swipe to go backward and forward isn’t working in Google Chrome. The fault isn’t from Google, it’s from Synaptics. Fortunately this can be easily fixed with a simple registry edit.

  1. From the start menu, type regedit and choose regedit.exe
  3. Export the registry keys by right clicking on Synaptics and choosing Export
  4. Open the exported registry key using a text editor and replace every instance of “Mozilla Firefox” with “Google Chome” and “firefox.exe” with “chrome.exe”
  5. Go back to the registry editor and choose File, Import and choose the file you just edited
  6. Restart you computer
  7. Voila! Three-finger swipes working perfectly
  • Nizar Yousri

    That’s awesome, i’ve been searching recently for a solution to this issue :D and here’s it.. Thanks a lot !

  • Hesham Abd-Elmegid

    You could also enable this for Windows Explorer by replacing “Mozilla Firefox” with “Windows Explorer”.

  • Razzi

    and it still works in 2013 :D thanks a lot!

  • HeshamMegid

    Awesome! :D

  • sadajuyar0

    Does this deactivates the support for Mozilla Firefox? I’d rather disable it for Internet Explorer.